Ambros was born in October 1961 at Kottendorf, an idillyc village in the Haßberge-Hills.

Since early childhood he was interested in indigenous cultures and there enwoke a dream that 1998 became reality.

Ambros visited the first time the Black Hills of South Dakota and met there some People who were very

important for his future life. 1999 Ambros met the Northern Cheyenne Fluteman Joseph FireCrow.

From the initial sympathy became fast a tender friendship which reached so far that Joseph introduced Ambros

2002 to his family on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation and Josephs Mom, Elva Stands in Timber took Ambros as a son also.




From now on other friendship developed, also to members of the Northern Cheyenne and Lakota people.

Beside developed through different influences in the year 2000 the Album "The Spirit Within."

2002 "Through My Dreams" was released.

The first performances followed at the "Indian Art Festival" or at Kevin Costners "Tatanka."

Quite often Ambros performes as support for Dirk Rohrbach's Multimedia Visions "Auf den Spuren der Sioux" and "Der letzte Häuptling" and his "Flutesongs" get more famous because you can hear them in the repertoire of indigenous radio stations.



2004 SIO Steinberger became attendive on Ambros and took him for his project "Erde & Mensch --Gegen Gewalt und zurück zur Ursprünglichkeit."

With the help of many indigenous friends and Artists 2006 it was able to release "Long Journey Home"

The received acknowledgment, the "Silver Arrow Award"from Spirit Wind Records was the result.

After Uwe Spies of Clearsound Media contacted Ambros a lot of Songs o ut of "Through My Dreams"and"Long Journey Home" new released and now sold worldwide.

2012 another Album with the titel "Voices Of Mother Earth" was released.




Ambros lives right now in Oberhaid, close to Bamberg, Germany

At the time Ambros is working on a new Album !

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